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Quickly identify & improve team capability with a Skills & Training Matrix

The skills matrix is a visual business management tool that helps team leaders identify skills gaps, set training objectives, record proficiency improvements and visually share up-skill targets for/with your team. Our aim is to help you create an action-driven skills matrix in less than 30 minutes.

What does a skills matrix look like?

A skills matrix is a report that lists all of your team members and their current level of capability for each task performed within your team.  The skills matrix reflects your teams' current capability, identifies skills gaps and sets targets for improving proficiency over time.  

Great. So how does it work?

Here is a completed skills-matrix, with team members listed down the left-hand side and the desired skills, processes, tasks, qualifications or competencies listed along the top. Each individual is rated against each skill using a simple, but highly effective rating system. 

You'll instantly gain valuable insights, see skills shortages, plan training and take control of skills development for your team or business.

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How do the skills ratings 1-4 work?

You and your team need a clear, simple rating system to identify where an individual is in their development.  Collectively, by identifying the level of competence at an individual level provides an overview of capability, skills gaps and areas that you should focus on improving.

In training Individual is expected to gain proficiency and has begun training skills matrix

Level 1 (25%)

In training

Individual is expected to gain proficiency and has initiated training.

some capability Individual has completed the majority of training and now has to evidence capability skills matrix

Level 2 (50%)

Some Capability

Individual has completed the majority of training and now has to evidence capability.

Fully Capable Individual has evidenced that they are capable and can meet quality speed requirements skills matrix

Level 3 (75%)

Fully Capable

Individual has evidenced that they are capable and can meet quality / speed requirements.

expert trainer individual is highly capable and has successfully trained others skills matrix

Level 4 (100%)

Expert / Trainer

Individual is highly capable and has successfully trained others.

Rapidly improve team capability today.

Used by Industry leaders to manage, plan, and monitor existing and desired skills for a role, team, department, project, or an entire company.  

What are the benefits of using a Skills Matrix?

You can expect to see instant benefits from implementing and maintaining a skills matrix, some of which are:

- List of all team members and their current skill level
- List of all core team skills and competencies
- Ability to quickly identify skills gaps
- Identify and remove 'key man' dependencies
- Set thresholds for capable team members per skill
- Easily communicate up-skill targets to all team members
- Communicate 'clear' team development road-map
- Rapidly improve team capability 
- Improve the speed and response rate to your customers
- Provide a greater variety of learning for team members
- Improve autonomy amongst the team
- Monitor individual and team progress
- Improvements in capability improve team capacity
- Help to identify and reward 'high-flyers'
- Clarify career development paths to employees

The list goes on...  A skills matrix is truly one of the most effective 'tried and tested' solutions for improving team capability.

Show your team members 'Respect'

There is no greater sign of respect than commitment to developing your workforce proficiency and capability. The skills matrix helps you to quickly and efficiently identify areas of up-skill improvement and to provide a clear road-map of progression for your team members and your team. A skills matrix helps all members of your workforce to understand where they have skill, where they need to improve and encourages collective value and thinking within the company, this will improve the speed and quality of work done within the team.

Provide a clear unambiguous development road-map for your team.

Have your team members asked you what they need to learn to be successful within the organisation?  Have you struggled to articulate this in a manner that is consistent for all of your team?  The skills matrix helps to provide this clarity and is one of the most effective management tools to develop individual and team capability.  The matrix clearly outlines all of the key skills and competencies, including the current and future capability level of each individual.  Upskill targets can then be set, holding both the team leader/manager and team member responsible for ensuring targets are met. 

Safeguard continuity & remove
'key person' dependencies.

You can quickly identify where there are certain individuals that are fully capable at a single task, process or competency. If the number of fully competent individuals drop below 2-3 people, your business at risk of not being able to perform certain tasks when individuals are on holiday, sick, or leave the organisation. Within your matrix, you can set minimum thresholds and continually work to improve your capability to reduce, or remove this risk.
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Our Skills and Training Matrix has been downloaded by some of the worlds best-known brands.

Here are the intended benefits that lead these team leaders and team managers to download and use our Skills Matrix.

The Government of British Columbia downloaded the Skills Matrix and Training Matrix
British Columbia

By a member of the: Application Management Team

Intended Benefit: The identification of skills gaps.

Sector:  Government office

Fedex international shipping company downloaded the Skills Matrix and Training Matrix

By a member of the: Project Management Team

Intended Benefit:
Help to grow and develop the capabilities of teams within the company.

Sector: Multinational delivery services company

Ferrero downloaded the Skills Matrix and Training Matrix
Ferrero Group

By a member of the: HR Team

Intended Benefit: To assist in the creation of a personal development plan for each team member

Sector: Manufacturer of branded chocolate and confectionery products

WellsFargo American Finance and Bank downloaded the Skills Matrix and Training Matrix

By a member of the: Operations Team

Intended Benefit: To create a skill and training matrix for use in an Agile Team Composition.

Sector: Multinational financial services company

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In 2019-20 we asked 38,068 global, cross-sector organisations and professionals what their intended benefit was from using a skills matrix. This report reveals what they told us. Download it for free by completing this form.

Steps for success

Here's how to rapidly implement the Skills and Training Matrix.  First you need to purchase the Advanced Skills Matrix here, then follow these steps. 


Generate the report title

Complete your name and team name to automatically generate the skills matrix heading.

List all team members / staff / workforce.

List all of your team members and their current role / job title along the left-hand side of the report, being sure to include yourself in the report.

List all skills competencies, processes and qualifications along the top.

Along the top of the report, list your core skills competencies.  We recommend that you list your skills left-to-right by priority.  Priority can be volume (likeliness of occurrence high-to-low, or complexity low-to-high).

Capture all 'current' skills capability

Using the capability policy of 1-4 (outlined above) discuss, agree and set the current skills capability of each team member against each skills capability.  Once completed for all team members, you'll be presented with a proficiency score per person and per skill.  In addition to this you'll also be presented with a team score of 'current' capability.

Set target scores and dates

Discuss each skill capability with each individual team member and determine an up-skill score.  Once this is completed you will be presented with analytics that show you the 'gap' of capability within your team.  This will help you to evidence your specific training plan to your senior leaders.

Continually review and improve team capability

We encourage you to update the matrix at least once per week, making it clear to your team members what training will occur in the week to come.   We would recommend that you set quarterly up-skill targets for your team, review the targets, celebrate successes with the team members (reward and recognition) and create an ongoing "lessons-learnt" log for failed targets.

Print, Share and Communicate the Up-Skill Plan

We encourage you to share your skills matrix upward and outward within your company/team.  It is important that your team can continually assess their capability and for everyone in the team to understand the power of collective proficiency/skill to meet and delight your customers.  In some instances, sharing your skills matrix with your suppliers can evidence compliance with/to skills and qualification standards.

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